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Carole Diane Heslin, Author & Artist

Meet Codiah

Carole Diane Heslin, proudly nicknamed “Codiah” in her youth, is an award-winning, lifelong artist who grew up in Chicago near Comiskey Park. She learned as a young girl how to get ballplayers' autographs by drawing their pencil portraits. Over the years she perfected that talent and expanded her collection to include world leaders. 


She also broadened her creative expression to include oil painting, writing, jewelry making and most recently, writing. She is the author of two books: Fakeations and A Dash of Foreign Flavor. Both books are available on Amazon. 


Lots more art to come here soon! For now, enjoy Codiah's featured prints, two of her most popular paintings, The Great Yankees and Bob Dylan: Forever Young


Codiah Creates on Instagram

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