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The Distinctively Georgetown Collection

Georgetown Prints on Wall.png

Georgetown and I met each other several years ago. I spent time strolling through the surrounding neighborhood and fell in love with the unique atmosphere and the Federalist architecture.


As a current resident, every day I see more sights I feel compelled to paint. So my Georgetown collection grows ...

All Georgetown paintings are available for purchase as limited edition prints, signed and numbered, for $50. On heavy paper ready for framing. 8X10 unless otherwise indicated, includes shipping and handling within the continental United States.

Commissions are available starting at $400.

Georgetown DC dog paintng

"The Doggy In The Window"

All of us who stroll the walks of Georgetown are familiar with the many dogs inside and out. This particular spaniel was a mellow observer gazing back at me as I took the picture. Such a cozy presence in that house.

Doggy In The Window II.jpg

"The Doggy In The Window II"

While strolling down Wisconsin Avenue, l came upon this little Boston terrier who was watching the world go by from Polished of Georgetown.

This market has been in existence for a very long time. It's a hub of activity enjoyed by neighborhood folks.

"Dent Place Market"

IMG_0185 (2).jpg

"An Imposing Home"

In its history I imagine splendid gatherings taking place here. In Georgetown, history exists in the present, it seems.

This painting is of a chandelier and bookshelf in Rí Rá Irish pub. I was there for the first (and last) time on New Year’s Eve 2019, and it closed right after. It was crowded and lively and had musicians playing. Too bad it’s gone. 

"Rí Rá Chandelier"


"Martin's Tavern"

This is the first place I ever ate in Georgetown. It's a landmark to be sure. Anyone and everyone has dined here. It has a remarkable history and great eats.

Martin's Tavern

This half booth is where Senator Kennedy would come after Sunday Mass with his newspaper and have breakfast. He proposed to Jackie in Martin's.

"JFK Booth in Martin's"


"Young JFK"

Just a lad with a remarkable future ahead of him.

She was a pretty young girl who loved horses at that time. Quite a life awaited her.

"Young Jackie"


"Red Door"

A red door makes a statement, doesn't it?


This looks like a Christmas card, pretty enough to send year after year. 'Tis the season.

"Christmas Gate"


"Black Door With Windows"

came upon this place on a chilly Fall day. Leaves rustled in the wind and the door top mimicked the symmetry of the windows.


Its neighbors on both sides render this house smaller than it really is. It has a vitality, however, and won't be dismissed.

"Little Yellow House"


"Piccolo Ristorante"

A charming Italian restaurant; a lovely place to dine outdoors.

Mom Georgetown IG (8).png

This house is more of a treat for the eyes than historic Tudor Place. I know nothing about it but would love to wander around inside.

"The House Next Door To Tudor Place"

IMG_0472 (1).jpg

"Coral Door"

A happy colored door to open day or night.


The tree defines the house, I think. Sometimes, as you know, less is more.

"Green Door/Camo Tree"


"Stair Gate"

The architecture of this caught my attention as I walked past. I had to back up and take pictures.


Peeling paint and rust, but there's a beauty in the textures brought on by age.

"Prospect Street Basement"


"JFK Home on N St"

3307 N St NW, where the Kennedys lived when JFK was elected President. He'd hold press conferences from the front step. They left for the inauguration from there on a snowy morning.


This building houses a business. It is very unusual in design, much to see.

"Windows, Windows"


"35th Street Tree"

A huge tree; not sure what kind, but it must have been a sapling many decades ago. What stories could it tell?

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