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Meet Carole Diane Heslin

Artist & Author

Carole Diane Heslin is a writer and artist whose fanciful toying with words began flourishing at age three when she donned herself "Codiah" as a way to pronounce her first and middle names more easily.


A native Chicagoan who has lived all over the United States, Carole began drawing around age 8 and enjoyed some early encouragement by having one of her school drawings displayed at the Art Institute. 


She subsequently studied with some fine artists throughout her life. Portraiture has been a constant with a number of commissions and a large collection of autographed works that includes former presidents and Hall of Fame baseball players.


For many years, her sports paintings were displayed in Mickey Mantle’s New York restaurant, but the portraits that have meant the most are the ones she did of the 25 servicemen from a county in Indiana who were gave their lives in Vietnam.


She was the Patron’s Choice recipient at PETA’s 20th anniversary celebration gala and a Manhattan Arts International Merit award winner.


She has a wicked sense of humor and although keenly aware of the painful, sometimes unspeakable tragedies life brings, she continues to relish and celebrate each fresh delight.

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